Here the new lyric video for the track "Red Again", taken from our latest album "December"!

Pubblicato da Hadal su Venerdì 18 dicembre 2020


Yesterday evening we had the chance to talk about December with our friends Enrico K and Manuel from Planet K Records! Here the stream if you had miss it (italian only)!

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Pubblicato da Hadal su Venerdì 4 dicembre 2020


Today is the day!

Pubblicato da Hadal su Venerdì 4 dicembre 2020


Tomorrow December will be finally available! Thanks to Heavy Metal Headquarters for the review!

Pubblicato da Hadal su Venerdì 4 dicembre 2020


The Hadal project was born in the end of 2009 from the ashes of So Cold, in a depressive Italian town named Trieste. While the former band was mainly inspired by the Finnish gothic metal movement, the new ensemble tried to find a more personal view in the extreme musical landscape.

At the beginning this was the only statement about compositions and arrangements. The Hadal main core wanted to merge atmospheric verses and dark metal riffs, to create a slow groove with melodic yet powerful guitars. At that point, the definition of a new vocalist was fundamental, there was the intention of using both clean and raw voices to convey different emotions. The first experiment was carried out with Alessia, four tracks were recorded in 2012. The Dark Water promo stimulated some live activity and good hopes. Unfortunately, she decided to move in the UK for studying.

One year passed by, new songs were written and played. Alberto entered the band in 2013 and changed the achieved perspective. His strong personality and charisma charged the entire project with creative energy. Performances were convincing and enthusiastic to drive them to the recording of a new promo, The Obscure I (2014 – self released).

Many live gigs and nice reviews later, Hadal decided to produce their first full-length, "Painful Shadow" (2017 – Sliptrick Records). This album was inspired from the true origins of the band. Every detail was a tribute to the '90ies, starting from the composing process and ending with the sound production.

Years have passed by and Hadal decided to record something new. “December” is a compendium of their history; it is a greeting to ten years of activity and coexistence. They have rearranged some old tracks and composed some new melodies, keeping in mind one vision: a deeper sounding matter. This is their way to conceive metal music, it is melancholic and gloomy, always linked to their inner tragedies. Despite their inclination for the cold winter season the overall result is warm and analogue, with no interest in overproduction. In certain circumstances vocal interpretations pay their tribute to the Mediterranean lyrical tradition, of course the menacing growl is still there to equilibrate the texture. All the tracks have been mixed and mastered at Track Terminal Studio by Francesco “Bardy” Bardaro, who has proven to be a real sonic institution in the northeast Italian landscape (Damned Pilots, Tytus, Concrete Jelly).

Post scriptum: we remember shortly that Franco was also part of the Italian death metal legend Necrosphere, while Teo played even in the first Rhapsody incarnation, Thundercross with Luca Turilli and Alex Staropoli.


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Painful Shadow


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The Obscure I


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Dark Water