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Another good review for December!

Pubblicato da Hadal su Martedì 1 dicembre 2020

Local press just dedicated some space to us! Thanks to Elisa Russo for the interview!!

Pubblicato da Hadal su Martedì 1 dicembre 2020

Here is another track from December! Thanks to noclearsinging.com for sharing and for the nice description! You can listen and read about it through the link below!

Pubblicato da Hadal su Lunedì 30 novembre 2020

While we're waiting for the 5th of December, Jurgen from Time-for-metal.eu said that our upcoming album is in his top five of this year! 10 out of 10! We are really flattered!

Pubblicato da Hadal su Domenica 29 novembre 2020

Tonight our music will be played, alongside others great bands, at the presence of the Doom Masters My Dying Bride!! We are truly thrilled and honored!! Don't miss it!!

Pubblicato da Hadal su Sabato 28 novembre 2020

December is coming \m/

Pubblicato da Hadal su Mercoledì 25 novembre 2020


Saturday evening we are going to have a live chat about our upcoming album! You can listen to it through the link below \m/!

Pubblicato da Hadal su Lunedì 30 novembre 2020

You can now pre-order our second album DECEMBER!!

Pubblicato da Hadal su Martedì 17 novembre 2020

We have signed another great band Hadal !! We are thrilled to announce that we get to put out their next record "December". Stay Tuned for more news soon!! WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR BANDS GET IN TOUCH!!!

Pubblicato da Planet K Records su Giovedì 15 ottobre 2020