06.12.14 - Dark Water (demo 2012) FREE download

Dark Water

Our first release, the 2012 demo, Dark Water, is now FREE to you to download as digital release. It includes 4 tracks and the original cover art.

Click here to go to the download page

01.12.14 - New Videos

There are new videos on our official YouTube page...

14.11.14 - New Pictures

New pictures taken from the last show at Tetris are uploaded

09.11.14 - Live at Tetris


Hadal is back again, this time they play at Tetris with Black Pope and Fry Days

01.11.14 - The Obscure I


The new promo The Obscure I is finally arrived !!!

Check it out !!!

06.06.14 - New Pictures

New pictures taken from the Damned Party 3 show are uploaded

02.06.14 - Happy B-Day Teo !!!


01.06.14 - Live at Damned Party 3


Hadal is performing live at Damned Party 3, Secret Place, Trieste.

05.01.14 - New Pictures

New pictures taken from the latest show are uploaded.

04.01.14 - New look for the website!!

There's a new layout for the website. Take a tour inside!!

21.12.2013 - Live at Metallurgica


Hadal is performing live at Metallurgica, located in Circolo Ferriera, Trieste. If you want to hear Alberto, the new singer and some new songs, this is the right place.

The shows will start at 21.00.

Don't miss it!!!

18.12.13 - Hadal online!!!

Finally the Hadal website is online. Now you can stay tuned about the news and the upcoming shows.